The MARISEAL SYSTEM liquid roof membrane is a group of liquid waterproofing coatings based on Polyurethane resins. Used together, this system creates a seamless polyurethane liquid roof membrane across flat roofs, terraces, or decks – reliably protecting building structures over the long term, even under the most demanding of conditions.

  • Roofs
  • Balconies & Terraces
  • Wet Areas
  • Water Tanks / Ponds
  • Pedestrian Decks
  • Parking Decks / Bridges
  • Detail Waterproofing
  • Decorative Waterproofing
  • Polyurethane Foamed Roofs

MARISEAL SYSTEM (polyurethane liquid membrane) is used by Professional Waterproofing applicators in over 50 countries for demanding waterproofing. The reasons are:

  • Simple Application
  • Forms Seamless Membrane without Joints or Leak Risk Areas
  • Water Resistant
  • Crack-Bridging up to 2mm, even at -10oo C
  • Maintenance of Mechanical Properties at a Temperature Range of -30o C to +90o C
  • Water Vapor Permeable
  • Full Surface Adhesion
  • Sun Reflectivity, Conducive to Thermo Insulation
  • Anti-Root Properties
  • Waterproofed Surfaces Usable for Medium to Heavy Pedestrian Traffic, Dependent on Mariseal System Top Coat
  • Resistant to Detergents, Oils, and Common Chemicals
  • Easy Local Repair, in Case Membrane is Mechanically Damaged
  • Economical

Mariseal 250 (polyurethane liquid roof membrane) has been tested and approved by the German State Testing Institute for Construction Materials MPA-Braunschweig,according the European Union Directive for liquid-applied roof waterproofing ETAG 005.

Mariseal 250 has been tested and approved by the French Testing Institute for Construction Materials BUREAU-VERITAS for French standards.

Mariseal 250 has been certified by the German State Institute for Construction Techniques DIBt-Berlin, earning European Technical Approval (ETA) including the CE mark and certification.

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