The MARISEAL DETAIL is a liquid-applied, thixotropic, permanent elastic, fiber-reinforced, one component polyurethane coating, used for long lasting waterproofing of complex roofing details and connections.

  • Pipes
  • Flashings and 90o angles
  • Lightdomes
  • Chimneys
  • Photovoltaic systems
  • Wall-floor connections
  • Gutters, etc
  • simple application (brush)
  • fiber reinforced
  • it forms seamless membrane to the rest waterproofing
  • membrane ensuring 100% sealing of the roof detais
  • resistant to water, rain and frost
  • maintains its mechanical properties over a temperature span of -30o C to +80o C
  • provides water vapor permeability
  • full surface adherence without any additional anchoring
  • in case of damage, membrane can be easily repaired locally within minutes
  • low cost
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